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Numerical estimation of the one-dimensional consolidation behavior of clay


The consolidation behavior of clayey soils is traditionally evaluated in the laboratory using the one-dimensional consolidometer test. A new oedometer cell design with a ring of 60 mm in height, 75 mm in diameter was made to measure the excess pore-water pressure at the undrained base of the specimen and the friction between the soil and the ring, and to determine the ε – log p curve. This study deals with numerical modeling of the one-dimensional consolidation test and comparing the data obtained from the experimental study with the data from the modeling. In the modeling, the Soft Soil and Soft Soil Creep models were used for the clay proposed in this study. The results show, as a general trend, that the data from the numerical modeling are compatible with those from the experimental study.


one-dimensional consolidation test, clay, excess pore-water pressure, deformation, side friction, numerical analysis